Battery Backup For Home & Business UFB Fibre Connections

  • Does your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allow for emergency power provision during a power outage?

  • Will you be able to make emergency phone calls during even a small to moderate power failure at your home?

  • Do you live in a rural area affected by extended power outages or poor quality electricity supply?

Internet Providers aren't currently able to provide a technical solution Talk to most providers and the answer will be a resounding ‘NO!”.

Most will suggest installation of a costly Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) whilst others may suggest you use an inferior ADSL product which sort of defeats the object of the move to higher speed fibre based broadband right?

image-phone.jpgSo why should I worry?

Older analogue phone technology was supplied with power through the phone wires from the communications company. A power outage at the home did not necessarily affect operation of the phone service. Fibre-optic cable, whilst great for high speed data, is unable to carry electrical power and it is the home owners’ responsibility to provide this power once the transition is made to Ultra-Fast Broadband (UFB).

The latest generation of energy-hungry electronic devices demand effective battery backup. Constant Vigil‘s PowerGate and Sentry Lite backup systems replace standard traditional methods by providing a proven, more efficient and more cost-effective way of managing batteries. Our technology ensures economical operation while safeguarding your valuable data.

The systems also gives complete peace of mind to residential and business telephone customers who are transitioning from copper wire based systems to next generation wireless and fibre optic/VOIP arrangements.

Our designs are fully customizable to individual requirements. They support multiple output voltages to keep your full range of devices working during power interruption.